Plug and Play

PnP Loyalty, short for Plug and Play, is a white-labeled SAAS solution that works behind the scenes to support all loyalty marketing needs for chain restaurants and retail stores.

Effortless Integration

With PnP Loyalty, POS integration is effortless and the tools are built to require minimal resources to manage.

Real-time Tracking

Track offers and results using PNP Loyalty’s integrated ROI reporting and analytics suite to prove you are driving behavior changes and creating real value.


Everything a business needs to get started right away.


Name the program what you want and design the unique structure you need – it’s all powered by you. We’ll be here to support and provide best practices.

Want to drive sales of a particular product, increase frequency or recover guests? That’s just a few of the things you can do with our easy-to-use tools.

Our built-in algorithms automatically tier your database based on Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value (RMF) using your transactional data.

You know your business better than anyone – our platform lets you customize non-transactional based segments like day parts, age ranges and more.


Our integration partners enable you to instantly read guest item-level details from almost any POS system. Conveniently, there’s no need to coordinate with the software or hardware supplier.


We also offer you the ability to directly integrate with POS providers. However, we prefer to parallel path this process as legacy providers tend to be slow making connections on their end.





Depending on individual users’ preferences, our rules will trigger emails or SMS messages that alert guests to new offers or rewards they’ve earned. Our systems automatically reject sends that exceed opt-in limits or violate terms.


We make it easy to export lists and opt-ins to your existing marketing email service provider and SMS provider – or we are happy to set you up on ours.


Want guests to be able to access their accounts from their car’s dashboard?

Need to tie in online ordering? We can make sure your data is easily accessible.


If you need something we don’t already have let’s talk.

Our goal is to make sure we never limit your marketing abilities.


Traditional loyalty programs are in most cases dilutive. Instead of changing customer behavior and driving growth, they often result in discounting existing sales. “10th one free” is simply 10% off an existing purchase frequency.


Our tools will help you create customized offers that excite all types of customers and our reports allow you to prove how you’ve encouraged more profitable behaviors over time. That’s the power of Plug ‘n’ Play.